Jinan Pressure Vessel Factory (referred to as JPVF) was established in 1979. It is a mo-dern enterprise which has the ability to desig-n, produce, sale and service for pressure ves-sels and heat exchangers of Grade I, II, III acc-ording to China National standard and ASME standard. It is one of first-batch suppliers for  pressure vessel in Shandong province desig-nated by the government.The total asset is 150 million Yuan, and the throughput is 12 thous-and tons annually. At present, JPVF has 280 employees, 80 of which are for engineering a-nd techniques. With complete equipments and facilities, mature inspection techniques and testing techn-ologies, and united teamwork groups, JPVF has formed a solid foundation for a stable and sustainable development.
Since founded, JPVF believes “science and technology promote enterprise” as the development pri-nciple and establishes an Energy Saving Equipment & Control Engineering Technology Research Cent-er and a Technology Center. JPVF has powerful technology force and outstanding scientific accomplish-ments and achieves more than 30 patent certificates on techniques, which makes it earn a great prestig-e in the field.
The products from JPVF are widely used  for power station, petro-chemical industry, oil   industry, iron and steel industry, city district h-eat supply system and medicine industry, etc. The predominant product includes HP/LP Fe-edwater Heater, Deaerator, District Heater,  CCW Heat Exchanger, Tower, Shell and tube heat exchangers, and various kinds of pressu-re vessels.With the management concept of  “Integrity, Quality, Exceeding”, JPVF takes   technology creation as developing motivity, in-sists in market-oriented guide, and works with concentrative and professional attitude to build a topping corporation.

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